H&M Conscious Collection Spring/Summer 2013-Kids/Tweens


I’m pretty excited about H&M’s new Conscious Collection for kids and tweens. Not only because the clothes are colorful, fresh, fun and affordable (Love the horse print on the dress above!), but because H&M has made big moves towards sustainability and are now the world’s largest user of organic cotton. You have to congratulate a global leader in garment production for an initiative like that. So, here it is: Congratulations H&M for this mighty effort!



You also might have seen the ads with Vanessa Paradis for the women’s line:  Conscious Exclusive, a party wear collection that nods to old Hollywood glamour that is made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Here is the commercial with Vanessa and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage.

And besides the Conscious Exclusive collection, H&M has just released its Sustainability Report 2012. One of the highlights is that the company has become the first global retailer to give customers the opportunity to return old clothes from any brand, as long as they are reusable, to its stores. Very cool!


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