How to make Painted Rocks!


We are pretty crazy about painted rocks over here at Bellissima! As you can see from  these painted rocks that we made a while back.

These rocks here are from Sehnaz Bac of  I Sassi Dell’Adriatico. I just love the delicate lines. Take a look at her page to see more of what she does.

And below are some instructions on how to paint these:




* Get smooth rocks found at the beach

* Use acrylic craft paints to paint the whole rock

*Draw the outline of your design using a very fine Sharpie

*Paint in the design using a very fine brush using the acrylic paints or use Molotow markers as used in the photo below

* Use the Sharpie to trace the lines

* Coat with nail varnish when they are all dry if you want more gloss

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37 thoughts on “How to make Painted Rocks!

  1. The title “How to make Painted Rocks” implies that some sort of directions will be given. I did not see any on this page, nor on the linked page. For example, what kind of paints or markers are used? Are they sharpies? Are they paint pens? And paint pens and sharpies come in different sizes. So what sizes were used? Maybe you should change the title to “Look at our cute painted rocks”.

    • Hi Barbara. Here are the directions for the ones that we made on the link. We used acrylic crafts paints and then used the very fine sharpies to make the black lines. Then we varnished them with clear nail polish. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you! Yes, that helps a bunch! The owls are beautiful, but my painted attempts not so much. I will try the sharpies!

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  3. plz explain to me the paintaings & kind of colours we used on it & how can we fix colours on rocks after that plz

  4. The designs on these look to be pinched from several different artists. Which is copyright theft but also not really in the spirit of supporting artists trying to make a living from their work.

  5. I absolutely love the owls. I know mine wouldn’t come out anything like this if I attempted it. I think I will stick to simpler designs but they are lovely 🙂

  6. Is there any preparation for the rocks prior to painting. I assume they are cleaned, but do you coat the rock with anything?

  7. I love the rocks and I want to find a video on how to make the Owls for my step mom she would like love them

  8. Do you have a tutorial for these rocks? I picked up some beautiful flat rocks from a river bed a couple of weeks ago and want to paint them. Any patterns available? Thank you.

  9. There was no article attached, Lynne. Which is why I asked and the kind lady Jeanne in New York answered. So it may have clearly said on the original website, but not on the one I am looking at. Judging by your punctuation (I am sort of envisioning the ???? as foot stamping), you seem to have worked yourself into quite a state over the missing article. Were you the original author? I am just wondering as it seems you must be quite invested to get so worked up over a stranger’s owl rocks. Thank you for your concern???? –with Jeanne’s guidance they turned out pretty cute.

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