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Here’s another post for our Flower Theme. My close friend, Michelle in London (who will be blogging for us from time to time) just turned me onto Maggie Austin. The images of these heavenly couture creations made me dewy-eyed and breathless when they appeared on my screen. Yes, I get that emotional about cakes. I am dying to see them in person. This former ballerina has elevated this art form to dizzying heights-sheer bliss. The cookies pictured below do belong in a frame and I can’t imagine actually eating them. I would want to keep them forever! She is based in DC for those lucky ones in the area, but special arrangements can be made for others. And she does far more than floral cakes. Her tasteful website displays an absolutely stunning array of many different styles. I was so inspired by Maggie that I did a search for a book that could teach me to make sugar flowers and I found this. Can hardly wait until it arrives, so I can try some out. Do comment if you make sugar flowers and have any tips for us.