Hush Cubby by Freyja Sewell



HUSH is a seating pod and cubby by Freyja Sewell that’s designed to create a cozy and private space, much like a womb. And most kids just love to play in cubbies and secret places, maybe because it reminds them of the womb.






HUSH is made of a single piece of industrial felt that was water jet cut and stitched together using wool yarn. I have never seen a piece of felt be so versatile and cozy because it folds down and becomes a Smush.



Now this isn’t for everyone. The price tag on this handcrafted creation is £2700. Yes, that pounds not dollars. But Freyja’s long term aim is to reduce consumption by making sustainable, long-lasting products which are available on the mass market – and at an affordable price. Well, I can hardly wait until this is produced en masse!