Ikea Products Turned Into Fabulous Dollhouses


By: IKEA Family  Using: STUVA cabinet


I just did a bout of shopping at Ikea for the kid’s things and realized that they no longer sell their dollhouse! Okay so it took me a while to notice this and I was pretty disappointed as we were ready for a new type of dollhouse to add to the collection. And then I found these fabulous dollhouses that ingenious people have devised out of Ikea furniture. And I would say that some of these are far better and more creative than the ready-made one. My hat goes off to the people who made these. Just really wonderful pieces.




By: The Tamara Blog   Using: BILLY bookcase


By: The Shopping Mama   Using: EXPEDIT bookcase



By: Mommo Design Using: LACK shelves + FORHOJA wall cabinets




By: Call of the Small  Using: LEKMAN box


By: Mommo Design  UsingSOCKER greenhouse