Illuminated Christmas Village Cutout



This cutout of a Christmas village is so simple and effective. I just found it on this wonderful French blog called Aux Petites Merveilles. So, if you read French, you can head over there and follow her very detailed directions. If you don’t read French, then I have an abbreviated rundown for you!

What you need:

– Your pattern for the village (you’ll have to have a good look at hers and copy it!)
– large sheets of thick paper or cardboard
– scotch tape
– scalpel
– scissors
– ruler



How to make it:

  • Paste the pieces of cardboard or paper together so it’s long enough for the whole village.
  • Place your pattern on the paper and inch above the bottom of the cardboard and tape it down well so it doesn’t move.
  • Use your scalpel to cut around your buildings and all the windows out.
  •  Make a fold at the bottom of about an inch and turn it to the back. This acts as a stand.
  • Cut out stars for the sky

Then place it down on the ground or mantlepiece or table with Christmas lights behind it. Et voila!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

Jeanne xox