Innovative, Connected Good Night Lamps

Born out of the desire to “stay connected with friends and family around the world,” Good Night Lamps are the newest invention that we're fawning over. This innovative collection of lamps serves as an easy way to “share your presence and availability to your loved ones.” The idea is simple: there is a big lamp connected to little lamps. When you click on the big lamp, the little lamps turn on, allowing you to notify someone about your presence. There are many fantastic ways you can use these connected lamps: for instance, to see if a daughter upstairs is sleeping, to see if a partner is leaving work, and to easily check up on a child away in college. Want to learn more? Check out the fabulous video below or visit their website to order your very own! How novel!

The Good Night Lamp



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    • They are beautiful. And somehow touching. Keeping a light burning for someone and all!

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