Jen Talbot Custom Playroom

I just love this completely original, handmade, customized Brooklyn Playroom by Jen Talbot, installation artist and interior designer.  She creates custom rooms for kids, custom lighting and commissioned art. Just amazing. There are so many awesome creations on her website. She also has a lovely blog which documents her work.

It was always my fantasy as a little girl to have a swing inside the house and what a poetic one this is. It somehow reminds me of The Swing painting by Fragonard.

This woodland diorama of animals as human; dressed in clothes, having a picnic and enjoying a lazy sunny afternoon with friends is perfect over the mantelpiece.


I am in love this raccoon with Mama stool. So cute.

There is so much incredible detail in these animals and everything that you could look at them for hours and still discover little scenarios, intentions, secrets…

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