Julie Andrews And The Very Fairy Princess

 Photo credit: Mary LoPreste


We were absolutely thrilled…well, I think I was the one who was absolutely thrilled to meet Julie Andrews at her book signing the other day at Books of Wonder! I was actually more moved than I thought I would be. But The Sound of  Music was the very first movie I ever saw in the cinema. (Of course, it was a re-release!) And I think we all have a soft spot for this Lady of entertainment as the films she was in have such a special place in our culture. She was signing copies of her’s and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton’s latest book in their series,  The Very Fairy Princess; Here Comes the Flower Girl. There were people there who had come all the way from Israel and Holland just for this signing. And I hadn’t realize till then that Ms. Andrews has in fact, been authoring children’s books for a good thirty years now! In any case, Oona got her copy and carries it everywhere and tells people that Julie Andrews signed it for her. So cute. And I have to say that she (Julie, not Oona)  looks incredible and her blue eyes still shine. She was also very sweet and chatted a bit with us and everyone who stepped up to meet her. I felt like I had met the Queen.