Keepy App to Keep Your Kids' Artwork!


Here are the two little stars, posing on the red carpet at the very special Keepy event at the Children's Museum of the Arts the other week! I told Oona that we were going to have a limousine pick us up like princesses and when she got in the car, she said, “Oh, Mama I thought that it was going to be a chariot like Cinderella”!

Nevertheless, The girls had a ball at the event. They had all sorts of arts and crafts for the guests to do and a wonderful buffet breakfast that they really tucked into.

Keepy is a fabulous new app that keeps all the artwork of your precious little ones forever. And you can share with family members like Grandma and Grandpa wherever they are in the world. What I really love about this app is that it reformats and flattens the photo so that it looks like it was taken by a professional.

You can download Keepy right here. It's free!