Kicokids by Tia Cibani and Anthropologie Team Up

Tia Cibani and Kicokids have done it again! Knocked our socks off, that is with their capsule collection for Anthropologie which just hit the shelves this week! What a perfect marriage between two great avant-garde and eclectic sensibilities – sheer genius. I just adore this multi-knit, long sweater above with cute yellow ribbon and that wonderfully dramatic high cowl neck. And I seriously would like to see both of my girls in this colorful print, very full skirt, reminiscent of a Grace Kelly cut. I’ve always been a big fan of that silhouette. The Blue Velvet Peacoat is perfect too. The pieces also mix and match wonderfully. They are available at select Anthropologie locations and the Anthropologie online store. By the way, we just received a new gorgeous Kicokids outfit for Oona so will be posting photos of her modeling that very soon!

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