Kiki and Coco in Paris – Jess Brown Book

Jess Brown is on a roll! I just blogged about her life-size dolls in Bottega Veneta windows a few days ago and now the book photographed by Stephanie Rausser and written by Nina Gruener is to be released in November. Here is a special sneak peek. And what does it have to do with Jess Brown? Well, Coco is the name of the Jess Brown doll that it’s all about. I love the touching photographs of the little girl, Kiki (who is actually Stephanie’s daughter) and her relationship with her best friend – her doll. And I also love that this is all about their trip to Paris because I lived there for years and seeing the photo of Kiki and Coco at Café de Flores makes me homesick. I lived a stone’s throw from there and sat on those chairs often. Look out for it in November.


One thought on “Kiki and Coco in Paris – Jess Brown Book

  1. Can’t wait to have the book!  I admire Jess’s dolls very much and the photos are amazing!

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