Kinderkookkafe – Amsterdam

This Kinderkookkafe is the most child-friendly cafe I’ve ever heard of, on the far side of Voldelpark in Amsterdam where your children can cook for you. They have pictures of the food to help them choose like pizza: they are given a tray with all the toppings and a ball of dough and after they roll it out and top it, the staff put it in the oven. They can also make biscuits, cheese straws, sandwiches, decorate cakes and many other things. There are of course, crayons and paper inside and a small enclosed playground in the garden. Apparently, they speak excellent English and the prices are very reasonable. Now for the part, that I absolutely love: you order what you want, and you can drop the kids off to prepare your meal while you go sightseeing and then waltz back to eat it. Makes breakfast in bed seem such a non-event, doesn’t it? Another reason I want to visit Amsterdam with the kids.