La Mangerie – Kid Friendly Brunch, Paris



La Mangerie, is a family restaurant in the heart of the Marais, in Paris, which now has a kid friendly brunch! And wanted to share this with you all as the “go-to place” to take the kids if you are traveling to Paris this summer.

It’s been four years now that La Mangerie  has been dishing up portions that are shareable, which is great for group meals. And they are getting better and better.

I used to be in the Marais all the time when I was living there, and they had nothing like this. In fact, it was hard to find a specifically kid-friendly restaurant at all. Well, times are a changing in Vieux Paris.

The ambience here is very light-filled and colorful and playful which of course, is perfect for all of the kids. There are vintage and retro pieces, baskets and even an olive tree growing out of a table. And plants and things really popping out all over the place.

They have a varied and versatile menu with Crusty Chicken with Cashews, and Smoked Salmon with Basil Avocaod and of course, French charcuterie (cold cuts) and Cheeseburgers (for those of who just can’t get by without burgers) and well, something for all palates.

And on Sundays, they have a very special Kid Friendly Brunch! And it’s all home-made at La MangerieAnd because the whole mood is all about celebration, of course kids are extremely welcome at this place. In fact, there’s a teddy bear just for the kids in the middle of the restaurant so the parents can perhaps get a moment to enjoy their meal. Well, I’m all for that.

I’ve never been here but I plan to next time I’m in Paris! That’s for sure. Just the decor alone is so pulling me in.

La Mangerie
7 rue de Jarente
75004 Paris