Little Lisa Smile – Handmade Dolls



What am I loving right now? Little Lisa Smile!  I was just thinking today of making one of my handmade rag dolls for Solène and came across these exquisite dolls.

Cécile Robles, based in the South of France, designs the cutest dolls in delicate and vintage fabrics. The new Spring Summer 2014 collection ‘Sunshine‘ has a definite Japanese fusion influence, with a mix of  tropical and  jungle prints and all with that super expression of satisfied jubilation on their pure white faces. Who wouldn’t want a confident and pretty doll like this to play with?!

Little Lisa Smile was founded in 2011 when Cécile designed her first doll for her daughter. Her daughter loved it so much,  she decided to launch her first collection for kids (100%  handmade in France). Inspired by fashion trends, Cécile plays with vintage fabrics to design the most adorable looks for each doll. We’re in!