Little Pim Language Learning Series


We are hooked on the Little Pim series which has won 22 awards! We have had the first couple of French DVD’s for a while now and the girls have loved them. We just added the last three DVD’s in the French series and they want to watch these – nothing else. As I write this…they are watching them! We also got the Beginner Pack because the first DVD was so over-used and also because it comes with a cute little book, the Little Pim plush toy and a great selection of French kid’s songs. Now, Solène settles into her little toddler chair armed with her little panda and the book while she watches them! So cute. And even though I speak mostly French with her, she has come up with a lot of new words in the space of just two weeks! This system is the brainchild of the effervescent Julia Pimsleur, (whom we were delighted to meet) daughter of the creator of the renowned Pimsleur Method of language learning…which in my opinion, is one of the most effective. What I love about the series and what makes it really work is that it is complete immersion: the DVD’s are only in the foreign language and not intermingled with English. Little Pim comes in 10 languages – we are going for the Mandarin series next as Oona has shown great interest in that! We’ll let you know how that goes! All available here.