Little Seed America by Gav Barbey + Justin Monjo

We are in love with this artistic book written and painted by very talented Australian artist and friend of mine, Gav Barbey and Justin Monjo. This book is a beautiful homage to nature and the wonder of trees and follows the journey of Little Seed in America and how she finally finds a place to grow. I have to say that I learned quite a bit about native American trees as it’s also very educational as well as being a piece of art. Gav recently finished a national tour of readings of this book and art happenings in the US. Unfortunately, we missed out on our reading in New York due to Hurricane Sandy but we are so looking forward to his proposed tour next year. Here is the link for the Itunes interactive animated ebook of Little Seed America. Little Seed South America is on its way as well as a 14 song book with karaoke of Trees of North America – the companion piece to Little Seed America. And if you want the non-virtual book, contact Gav here.





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  1. I have a lot of Gav’s art. I am very proud of him and his contribution to the art world…

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