L’Odyssée De Cartier – Epic 3 Minute Commercial


This, just for fun and if you want to feel like you’ve had a mini-vacation! You might have already seen this but just in case, you haven’t, so beautiful! I feel like I’ve been on ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ with the panther after watching this three and a half minute film celebrating the jewellery house’s 165 years of history, which premiered worldwide on March 5th. In fact, I can’t stop watching it over and over – it’s that amazing! The stunning film follows the brand’s iconic panther on a worldwide journey from St. Petersburg to China, India and Paris. L’Odyssée’s 110-member team was directed by advertising film director Bruno Aveillan. The original score was composed by Pierre Adenot. I’m also really glad they chose L’Hotel de Ville in Paris at night as one of the shots as I always found that a magical place to be when I lived there.



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