Mai Ohno – Tenugui (Japanese Woven Cloth)



I am enthralled by Japanese illustrator Mai Ohno and her loveable and colorful characters. This beautiful tenugui is called Shelter and is the story of a girl and her guardian angel – and together they ride out the storm! Tenugui are a traditional Japanese woven cloth made of 100% cotton. They are perfect for wrapping just about anything, for gifts, or just for keeping things in! Traditionally used as an all-purpose cloth, nowadays Tenugui are put to more decorative uses such as scarves, table runners, wall art, bags, etc. I can imagine a wall adorned with a gallery of these lovelies and the stories they tell. This tenugui has been hand-dyed by artisans still practicing traditional tenugui techniques in Japan. And it’s available from one of my fave online shops, Upon a Fold.