Le Marchand D’Étoiles Nightwear


I am always on the lookout for beautiful pyjamas and especially nightgowns as Oona loves a beautiful nightgown, so was thrilled to come across this lovely French nightwear brand, Le Marchand d’Etoiles (translated: The Merchant of Stars) at Playtime (they are in the video) a couple of months ago. Their brand is all about the “Land of Enchantment and Dreams” that is nighttime for little ones…with an abundance of stars. If you read French, the description of their label is sheer poetry. They do capture some essence I remember from my very young days about my idea of what the night and sleep was – it was magical. As are these sweet photos of the children being transported in their dreams.

And the nightwear is exquisite – all pure cotton or cashmere. A lot of their pyjamas are unisex as are these unusual Marakesh velour ones below. Also, I just adore the Dubai robe underneath that with the pointed hood.



This is Oona’s pick of course- the white cotton nightie with silver star! And I am disappointed I didn’t know about these gorgeous cashmere baby pyjamas until now because it’s hard find really warm, soft pj’s for babies but alas, it only goes to size 18 months and Solène is now 19 months. All of these are available on their website and at stockists around the world.