Martha’s Vineyard and DIY Kites



We just got back from our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard and had a fabulous time which we always do and which I have shared with you in the past – this post has some beautiful shots from last year! And this time, the girls and I got really into  in kites in a big way. We bought this little kite with the big tail at The Black Dog and it worked so effortlessly, the girls were enthralled.  Of course, the lovely wind across the street from the beach on the Ocean Park was perfect for kiting.




So, now we are aiming bigger and brighter and want to experiment with all types of kites. And I found this great DIY kite below which we are going to make on Handmade Charlotte. Apparently, it’s the world’s best handmade kite! Well, how can we go wrong!?





And here is Solène coveting someone else’s Hello Kitty kite!