Max & Lola – Spring/Summer 2012

Such a sophisticated dress and love that the jackets are unisex. I guess right about now, she is regretting her choice of shoes!

Beautiful muted tones…and I want that cardigan for myself.  


I just got ahold of these new photos for Max & Lola’s next season and I am again smitten by this Belgian label’s style – kid’s clothes which have taken a page out of the book of their hip parents. This season, the inspiration is the British Look with a touch of humor – for all the mini Lords and Ladies with nonchalant elegance, refined glamor and luxury. What a lovely cocktail. And I am also so taken with these Savage Beauty photographs – it looks like these kids were placed in scenes from Tarkovsky films. As usual, I am delighted with the bold use of color, texture and cut, and the lovely cottons, silks and the cotton/lurex blend cardigans. This is also one of the few labels that does boys apparel really well. Check their website for stockists.



All of these boys’ mix n’ match blazers and bermudas outfits are so smart but casual and wearable. And what a great printed shirt under the checked suit.

Wonderful and simple textured dress.

 Another sophisticated look in white. 

 What a bold color – looks great even standing in a swamp!

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  1. Waowwwww! I’m soooo proud to be the mother of one of these models! Great!Wonderfull collection!

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