MillerGoodman Facemaker (Playshapes & Shapemaker)


I am always looking for puzzle -type toys as I think they are probably the most important when it comes to all levels of development, so am thrilled at this new block toy by British design company MillerGoodman who also makes the fabulous toys, PlayShapes and  Shapemaker (see below). FaceMaker allows kids and of course, the big kids playing with them to create a myriad of different block face illustrations.

All the faces in the image above were made using one set of 25 blocks, so the possibilities would be endless if you added two sets. It also works with ShapeMaker, which is fantastic as we all love adding value and possibilities to existing toys. Facemaker will be available this month! Check MillerGoodman for availability.



PlayShapes are 74 wooden pieces that can be combined and arranged to create an unlimited number of faces, shapes and montages.