Modern Queen Kids Jewelry



This Modern Queen Kids jewelry story by my favorite kid’s fashion photographer Wanda Kujacz was shot in France at the Chateau de Courances which is owned by my dear and old friends, the De Ganays! (And here’s a little interesting fact: I shot one of my short films on these very grounds!)

Modern Queen Kids kids jewelry hails from Los Angeles and is inspired by their fantasy story of the fairytale Queen and all the children in her kingdom. The Spring/Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015/2016 lines feature a stunning collection of fanciful jewelry, sparkling adventure sticks, crowns and warrior bands. Imagination, nature and story are all key here!

And what is unique about this brand is that every single rock, stone, feather, piece of wood or delightful discovery has been hand curated, painted and sparkled. Every spool of sparkly yarn, cut of soft fabric, and unique textile has been hand gathered from lands far and wide.

The first MODERN QUEEN kids children’s picture book is currently under development. It will tell the captivating and inspiring story of the Modern Queen and the children of her kingdom – featuring stunning Modern Queen kids photography.