Molly’s Cupcakes – Greenwich Village

I feel like an intrepid reporter with this one as this place opened just three days ago on Bleecker St. near 6th Ave. in Greenwich Village. They have quite a reputation already in Chicago, where the first Molly’s is. Chicago Magazine judged their Red Velvet cupcake the best in Chicago. Johnny, the owner, opened Molly’s in honor of his third grade teacher, Miss Molly, who would bake cupcakes for the children on their birthdays. My kind of  teacher. That’s where the school theme comes from with these fun playground swing seats and lunchboxes. I especially love this Bionic Woman lunchbox – I seriously wanted to be her when I was a kid. I guess I still do. The great thing is that you can build your own cupcakes or buy them ready-made. And they make any cupcake into a full-blown cake at your whim and also do wedding cakes. Apart from the cupcakes they have home-made ice-cream and many other cookies, brownies, pies, cheesecakes… No shortage here for sweet tooths. There is also quite a selection of games so you can linger a while if you like. We will be spending serious time here once the rains come.


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