New Wave of Designers – Parsons The New School For Design

Amazing Unisex knits – Giuliana Raggiani

Neutral tone Unisex layers – Giuliana Raggiani


Unfortunately I missed the graduate fashion show last month for Parsons, which happens to be around the corner from where I live, but here are some great runway shots of the event! And the wonderful news is that there were four emerging designers of Childrenswear and Teen Wear. When I went to design school, I believe there was one unit of childrenswear and nobody would have dreamed of devoting their career to it. Well, things have changed drastically. Here are the new talents and I wish them all extremely bright futures. Giuliana Raggiani is the Designer of the Year winner for the childrenswear category (above). Many thanks to Francesca Sammaritano and Deborah Kirschner of Parsons for their help in this presentation. Also, if you want to see more Patricia Gomez shots, you can check them out at Smudgetikka blog.

Photo credit: Dan Lecca


Urban Preppiness – Emily Hudson

Voluminous Cable knit – Emily Hudson

More hip, urban wear for the boys –  Emily Hudson

Puerto Rican fusion influences – Patricia Gomez

Elegant layering with an edge – Patricia Gomez

Romantic, vintage-inspired wear – Callista Wolff

Southern Belle – Callista Wolff

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