New York Design Week 2012 – Giant Lego Chair & Voos PicNYC Table



Here are a couple more faves from New York Design Week, 2012: Alessandro Jordão’s Giant Lego Chair is one of his Lego creations as part an installation that was part of a group show called Fresh from Brasil, which featured selected works from talented Brazilian designers. I am always amazed at the stunning objects that continue to be made from the humble Lego block. You can catch a glimpse of some of his other Lego pieces on the wall.

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And the Voors PicNYC Table is really quirky and original. No need to go to Central Park for that picnic with the kids when you can just eat at home. And only for New Yorkers:  a one-time installation of grass comes with this table. Otherwise, there are other alternatives like white stones!