Noa Noa – Accessories from Denmark


Do you know Danish Noa Noa? Their romantic, bohemian accessories for girls are beautiful and versatile, too. Noa Noa is designed in Denmark and created in New Zealand using the most beautiful hues and natural fabrics.
I once met a staff member of a talented NY designer who told me that part of their job description was to visit Sweden seasonally “to see how the Swedes were wearing recent fashion”.  Stockholm fashionistas (and even non-fashionists) have a knack at combining and layering to take every day items and make them look unique. Noa Noa’s clothes and philosophy are all about this.
When in Copenhagen recently, my daughter and I had so much fun trying on clothes at one of their boutiques. The staff were creative in offering combinations of clothing and accessories that I wouldn’t ordinarily  think of putting together. After our visit, I noticed a friend’s daughter’s hair wrapped in velvet and learned that they had used a Noa Noa belt — I should have known!  Today, I want to share this gorgeous twist of an idea: Party Hair with Noa Noa. 

To get this beautiful velvet hair bun, you’ll just need: 1 bun + 1 velvet belt.




If you want to try this look, it’s so simple to do:
1. Brush hair well
2. Style into a bun.
2. Wrap the velvet belt around bun and fasten clasp in a place that can be seen well.
4. Now…dance, twirl and whirl — party ready.