NY Design Week 2012: Recycled Skateboard Tiles by Art of Board

NY-Design-Week-2012-Recycled-skate-board-tiles by Art of Board



This week is NY Design Week 2012 so I will be bringing you a few of my fave picks here and there from all the shows. This first one is amazing and completely eco-friendly from company, Art of Board which makes these original tiles from broken skateboards. They also founded skateboard recycling initiative I Ride I Recycle. I had no idea that the multi-billion dollar skateboard industry is plagued by enormous waste with roughly 2 million broken skate decks going into landfills each year from skateshops alone (the 3,000 skateshops across the U.S. average about 50 broken decks a month). And the decks aren’t easy to recycle as the polyurethane-coated maple wood contains glues, pigments, and grip tape…so, lucky these guys are around to redeem them and create such beauty after the kids have had their fun!