Oda – Eco, Hip, Wearable Art



I am completely enchanted by the flights of fancy that Oda takes and the way the designers, Angie Kim, Mandalyn Begay, and Maggie Kim, bring the fantasy of dress-ups into clothes the girls can wear every day.  I love the handmade embellishments of their signature style tinged in Edwardian tradition and incorporating a Tokyo-pop flavor. The current collection is inspired by Native American and Korean traditional costume. Oda achieves all this using socially and environmentally sound materials, such as organic cottons, hemps and wools – and colors are hand-dyed or tea-stained. Details are eco-mindful as well; feathers are collected locally from molting chickens and buttons are made from found antlers and bamboo. Oda of San Francisco make clothes not only for kids but women and men too and I have included one of their romantic dresses for women below! Available in their Etsy store.