Oona’s 5th Birthday


It was Oona’s 5th birthday on Monday and I just felt so emotional about her turning five, it was irrational. Maybe because 5 is half a decade? Maybe because it seems like yesterday that she made her exit from me,  and entrance into this world? Maybe because I just can’t believe my baby is five. Anyway, it was low key after all. We didn’t do a big party. She just had a mini cake celebration (I made the cake with the big “O” for Oona myself) in the morning at the little Italian school that she goes to. She wore her tacky princess dress that I got for $10 at Goodwill that I can’t extricate her from and her little sister had her enormous cabbage rose on her head that I think looks ridiculous but at the same time, adorable! Then we bookshop hopped and I let her pick out something from both stores as gifts. Then to a playdate for more celebrating and then presents at home. When I put her to bed, she said that it was the best birthday in the whole world. Aww. Made it all worth it.






4 thoughts on “Oona’s 5th Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Oona!! Joyeux Anniversaire! お誕生日、おめでとう〜! So adorable! Love the big cute red cabbage lol on Solène’s head as well! 🙂  Your sentences are so funny, Jeanne.. I love it. What is the orange cream on the cake made of??  Hope to see you all soon.. p.s. By the way, Oona looks exactly like you now,,, Veryyyyy cute.. 🙂 

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