Tattly Temporary Tattoos – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Set

August 24th, 2016


Tattly Temporary Tattoos has just come out with their new children’s collection of Eric Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar set.

I got some of these for the girls at NY NOW this week where Tattly was exhibiting. And they love them. You can nab them right here.

And apart from that, Tattly has a large range of other wonderful kids designs right here, including a Sesame Street collection. Kids go nuts for those!

Tattly is also of course a brand for adults as well. Check out their enormous and artistic range at http://tattly.com.



tattly_eric_carle_one_nice_green_leaf_web_applied_01_7276d816-adcd-4390-9107-4bed4750dc67_large tattly_eric-carle_big-fat-caterpillar

Salted Caramel Brownies

August 22nd, 2016



If you’ve been on Bellissima Kids for a while, you have probably picked up that I have quite a sweet tooth! Because most of the recipes on here are for desserts. And even though the girls and I cook many different things, we all love making desserts more than anything else. And this dessert is one that is probably almost too sweet for even myself… but I think I could venture to eat maybe one of these…okay two!

So, for all fellow sweet tooth owners, and (chocoholics), here you are. Salted Caramel Brownies. Here is the recipe  which is of course, not very difficult at all. Comment below if you actually make these and let us know how they came out.




H&M Studio Collection Kids Debut, AW 2016

August 17th, 2016



H&M Studio Collection, Kids Debut for AW 2016 is an exquisite and very strong start to a new endeavor for H&M! H&M has been producing their Studio Collection for Women and Men for a while and this first collection for Children was inspired by this season’s women’s Studio range. These Studio Collections come out twice a year and are limited edition.

The other inspirations for this kid’s range are folklore, Swedish fairytales and Alice in Wonderland and it all works beautifully. I’m smitten by the romantic blouses, folksy embroidery and romantic and quirky details with a huge dose of fantasy.

The fabrics are rich and textured: velvets with gold embroidery, leathers, cottons, lace… and color palette is white, black, red, blush, grays, muted blues and gold.

I have a feeling you will need to be in there early to get ahold of this collection. Here is the H&M site in your country to keep a look out.









Papinee Storytelling Toys

August 15th, 2016



Papinee Storytelling Toys are something new and original that I was introduced to at the latest Playtime New York!

Papinee is a collective for parents and children to story tell, bond and explore together. PAPINEE’s crafted toys, books, accessories & storytelling kits help parents go on a journey of imagination with their little ones all over the world, through interactive, instructional play.

These toys are made with short fiber fabrics that have reduced chances of stimulating allergies, and are very sturdy and made to withstand rugged play!

And Papinee has a social mission: ‘Give Together’, which focuses on bringing hope, inspiration and imagination to disadvantaged children and those challenged by illness across the globe. PATINE donates coloring kits to children in need, and they bridge PAPINEE ambassadors and volunteer storytellers to play, bond and explore with children who need it most.



papinee_backpack papinee_lion papinee_owl papinee_storytelling_kit

Handmade Dolls and Creatures by Willowynn

August 10th, 2016



I’m so taken with these handmade dolls and creatures by Willowynn, made by the owner, Margaux Davis.

She works from the tiny front room of her 100-year-old house in the rolling green hills behind Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. These original dolls and toys are made with discarded fabric scraps, remnants and worn out clothing, Margaux likes the  history and romance in that. The creatures and dolls are inspired by old folk tales, song lyrics, children’s story books and of course, the natural world…because she has a professional background in environmental education, working as a ranger with the Parks and Wildlife Service; talking, writing and thinking about the natural world.

Margaux now spends her days at home with her young children and her lovely work.

And she sells patterns on Etsy as well  so we can make them too. And if you are interested in purchasing any of her work, go to her shop!







Playtime New York- 10th Anniversary Show

August 5th, 2016

playtime_9 Thank you to my friend, Jennifer Cattaui – owner of Babesta boutiques for this guest post!

The 10-year anniversary of Playtime trade shows had everyone in a festive mood! The show was bigger than ever and bustling with so many amazing brands—from those that we at Babesta know and love, like Nununu, Mini Rodini, Rylee and Cru, Molo, and Oeuf, to new ones (for us) that had a cool sense of style, like Kid & Kind, Ballon Rouge, and Carbon Soldier. Motoreta’s Ferdinand-themed threads were beautiful and architectural and Little Creative Factory’s Nomad collection was quietly beautiful (and had us remembering fondly their standout Petite Parade show last season).



Milk on the Rocks had a neat tennis theme articulated in their super bright way, while Andorine, that beautiful Portugal based label also gave a nod to tennis with their sporty dresses and visors, this time darkly gorgeous. I always get a giggle with Little Goodall and their adorable animal-details (lions on pockets, or floppy eared rabbit duds!)

With about half of the exhibitors from the states and the other half from every-which-where (high concentrations of stunning Spanish brands, some cool Korean brands, artisanal French labels, amazing Scandis), the show feels diverse and exciting at each turn.


There was even furniture at the show, a la Jenny Walker, who brought to the table a luxe yet versatile crib, bassinet and changing station, designed, sourced and crafted in her home state of Texas out of walnut, leather and beautiful tweed fabrics.



Carbon Soldier

Although we do not carry too many “girly” things in the shop, I drooled at some of the gorgeous dresses and boho-cool ensembles there were – especially from the booths of Louise Misha, and Lulaland, and Rose Pistol Kids always makes a mean button-down. There was a new street collection, Love Me Baby, that collabed with graffiti artist Curtis Kulig, black, white and red with a New York state of mind.





Benita Kids






Little Miss Galia




PAOM – Print All Over Me – a collaboration with artist Jon Burgerman

playtime_papinee Papinee

Papinee’s collection of luxurious stuffed animals were super cool – we wrote about them in Babesta Beat a year or so ago, and are smitten with the brand and the creative team behind it. Frenchy Yummy ripped their color palette from my dreams of a world where everything’s built of Laduree macarons. Just.so.pretty. Yet their layette has some nice graphics that I was loving (and they’ll custom color-combos for you which was cool). I love that I can find everything from little accessories that are super well priced to some uber special pieces that cost a bit more all under the roof of this show. Not separated by price or region, the glue that binds brand to brand is more nuanced than that. Unique, special, personal, thoughtful, artful and inspiring—these are the ingredients to the special sauce here.


French Yummy





From the stats that are in, the show was the biggest to date: 180+ brands, 21% more visitors, and you could feel it. Full disclosure, I do work with the Playtime team on outreach and social, so I am able to experience the show from the inside and the outside, team member and retail store owner (who’s lucky enough to have an awesome buyer who shops the show with just Babesta eyes on).


Kid + Kind


Not only about the clothes, this show is also about the people. The first day ended with Playtime’s traditional signature cocktail hour(s), this year sangria, and some nibbles and convos with industry friends, and the last day began with the Playtime seminar series on social media, featuring some great tips and tricks from HeyMama Co, Jenelle Hamilton PR, Earnshaw’s mag and Little Creative Factory. There was a buzz throughout the 3 days, brands and visitors were at once lively and happy, collaborative and positive, which is the best celebration of Playtime’s decade serving this artful market.


Martha’s Vineyard and DIY Kites

August 2nd, 2016



We just got back from our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard and had a fabulous time which we always do and which I have shared with you in the past – this post has some beautiful shots from last year! And this time, the girls and I got really into  in kites in a big way. We bought this little kite with the big tail at The Black Dog and it worked so effortlessly, the girls were enthralled.  Of course, the lovely wind across the street from the beach on the Ocean Park was perfect for kiting.




So, now we are aiming bigger and brighter and want to experiment with all types of kites. And I found this great DIY kite below which we are going to make on Handmade Charlotte. Apparently, it’s the world’s best handmade kite! Well, how can we go wrong!?





And here is Solène coveting someone else’s Hello Kitty kite!

Tia Cibani Kids Fall 2017 Inspired by Frida Kahlo

July 21st, 2016



I am so in love with my friend Tia Cibani’s Kids Fall 2016 Collection Inspired by Frida Kahlo. And in fact it’s entitled: ‘Art, Garden, Life’ in honour of Frida -and her love of nature in her work and life. Plants and flowers and Aztec motifs and designs were omnipresent in her work and in her garden at Casa Azul.

The very artistic collection was inspired Tia’s equally artistic, Tia Cibani adult line which has been modified to be more fun and kid-like of course! The fabrics are rich, earthy and luxurious with silks and cashmeres along with tweeds, in beautiful deep jewel colors. I love her use of tulle with the heavier fabrics. And Tia has added a boy’s line this season which includes some block knits and unexpected prints.

Tia Cibani Kids will be showing at Playtime New York from July 31st to August 2nd!










Edible Teacup Cookies Recipe

July 20th, 2016



These Edible Teacup Cookies caught my eye and the girls are clamoring to make these. They are more about construction than actual cooking as these are no-bake cookies. And they actually look like a lot of fun to make. We will take these on for a birthday party special brunch.

To find out exactly how to make these go and visit She Knows and get the full scoop.




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