Cut By 2 Blondes

July 23rd, 2011


Such great shirts for boys. Such a great name. CUT by 2 Blondes are Jami Leen Weisman and Andrea Brody Gillman – after they got tired of going to an event and seeing half the boys wearing the same shirt, they decided to do something about it. Even though I don’t have a boy, I’m glad they did. I love seeing boys wearing beautiful clothes. And these shirts have been spotted on quite a few celebrities of course. You can’t keep a good product down. The pic is of William Baldwin with his son wearing one of their creations.

These cool, hip, button-down shirts come in two lines: Their “big CUT” line carries shirts in sizes 8 to 22, and their “little CUT” shirts are sizes 2 to 8. You can buy these here at Lil Swanky. One can only wonder what their name would be if there were a brunette and red-head in the mix…


Mod Mom Handmade toy boxes

July 22nd, 2011


I guess you can tell I am really taken with these! I have been looking for a unique new toy box and have been admiring these wonderful handmade pieces for a while now. They are designed by Mod Mom founder, Kiersten Hathcock, a stay-at-home mom turned self-taught furniture designer and builder. I love them all so much, I can’t decide which one I want. Above is her Maude Toy Box with Book Cubby with the blue bird. And then there’s  her Owyn Toy box with the two leaves. Below are the Bertie Toy Box (with the red bird) and the Noah Owl Toy Box. It is so beautiful the way the leaves and animals are the covers – and the fit is impeccable. All of her designs are made from eco-friendly, sustainable Baltic birch plywood, finished with Eco-Var – safe for kids.  She recently partnered with an Amish furniture manufacturer, so the heirloom quality construction techniques continue. All of these are available from a fabulous design website called Design Public. I first came across Design Public when I was looking for some baby bedding and have been going back ever since! Which one is your favorite?



East Hampton and Amagansett trip

July 21st, 2011




I mentioned in an earlier post (see Sombrilla) that we were headed to East Hampton for a few days last week. Well, I did indeed get back in one piece. In fact, the girls were little angels in the car. For our non-New York readers, East Hampton and Amagansett are about 3 hours by car from Manhattan on the south shore of Long Island. Here are my picks:

Pink Chicken: The adorable little girls in the photo above are my daughter Solène (pictured right), and her little friend whom we call “Gigi a la Mer” (pictured left) because we speak French among other things in this household and we were talking about visiting Gigi who happens to live by the sea some of the time. But I digress. Gigi is sporting a dress by my new fave find, Pink Chicken and their flagship store is in Amagansett on Main St. I walked in and just sighed with joy. The shop has the most vibrant collection of Bohemian inspired clothes, especially dresses, a cozy atmosphere and the manager is super friendly. They also have lovely clothes for Moms. Pink Chicken is designed and owned by Stacey Fraser, a 15-year fashion veteran (babyGap, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren) and mother-of-two beautiful daughters! So, guess who her muses are…

Now, Solène, in case you were wondering is wearing a Sage Creek Organics ensemble (one of my favorite organic labels). I loved this outfit so much, I bought it when she was 6 months old and saved it. They still have a couple left on sale but no more in this color.

Hampton Chutney Co.: This is the original Hampton Chutney Co. which opened in 1997. The owners, Isabel and Gary MacGurn met at the Siddha Yoga Meditation ashram in Ganeshpuri, India in the Ashram kitchen. We’ve been to the Soho location many times but this one has a different, airy atmosphere and a lovely sitting area outside. Dosas (large, crispy, sourdough crepes) are made from rice and lentils, so are good for gluten-free peeps and we all just love them. In addition to the traditional Potato Masala filling, they have Grilled Portabello Mushrooms, Balsamic Roasted Onions, Spinach and Goat Cheese or Avocado, etc. There’s even a breakfast dosa with Eggs, Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Cheese and Avocado. All dosas are served with fresh chutneys of course. I’m getting hungry for one as I write this!

Atlantic Ave. Beach, Amagansett: Okay, so I know that Main Beach, East Hampton, made the top 10 list of beaches this year, but I preferred this beach. It was much less crowded and much simpler and we got parking with no problem at all. The girls had a ball and the walk to the beach isn’t too far for baby-toting Mamas like me. It’s at the south end of Atlantic Ave. off Bluff Rd., Amagansett.

Blakes B & B: Featured in Elle Magazine’s “Secret Adresses & Country Living”, this is the most reasonably priced B & B for Mon/Tues nights that you will find in East Hampton. I know because I looked far and wide. It’s five minutes from the center of East Hampton and one mile from the beach. Oona was thrilled at being served breakfast in the garden. The room was comfortable and clean and there was a great claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom. Originally an 1810 farmhouse, the place is definitely rustic. There is an arty sitting room with TV and the whole place is decorated with items the owners have collected over the years. Children over 10 years of age are welcome, but Jeanie Blake made an exception for us because I promised we wouldn’t destroy her sisal mats with baby food. We kept our promise!

Check out this nice video of Blakes Bed and Breakfast.



An Awesome Book of Thanks, An Awesome Book

July 20th, 2011


Im in love with these books by Dallas Clayton and everything he does. Oh and the kids love them too. An Awesome Book of Thanks is his latest offering and has the to-be-expected wonderful illustrations. It’s all about being thankful for everything we have. Something that adults often forget to be and so edifying to model this for kids. This book is as inspiring and touching as his previous book, An Awesome Book which is all about dreaming and not letting go of your dreams and thinking big and beautiful. Let’s face it. They are both just awesome. You can purchase An Awesome Book directly from his website here. An Awesome Book of Thanks can be purchased on Amazon here.

WrittenAfterwards Book Bed

July 19th, 2011

I want this bed. I can just imagine snuggling up with a book in this book with my bookworms. Designed by Japanese fashion and culture label, writtenafterwards, self-described as “…provides communication of an education, society, culture and environment into fashion”. Photographed by Yusuke Suzuki, this futon-type bed has actual giant pages you can turn and colorful picture-pillows. And no fighting over the covers as they are attached at the center. Bedtime and booktime are very beautifully linked together. What a great concept – great for hide and seek in between those sheet pages. I wouldn’t have problems getting the kids to bed with this one. The problem would be getting them out of bed. And it closes like a book if you want to pack it away when the kids (or you) aren’t playing in it.

Here is writtenafterwards website, if you want more info. Don’t you just love that name?

BLUEBERRY, BANANA COCONUT PANCAKES (gluten, soy, dairy-free)

July 19th, 2011


As I was coming into consciousness this morning to the sweet sound of the baby crying, I thought of pancakes. Yes, today was definitely a pancake day. So, seeing I’m on a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free diet for the moment, I had to stretch my culinary skills to make something that was appetizing and that still resembled pancakes. Phew.

This is what I came up with. They were pretty good. My daughter ate four and told me I was an “artiste chef”, which can’t be a bad thing. The baby ate one and threw the rest on the floor. If you suffer from Celiac’s disease or are cutting out gluten, soy and dairy, then these should be okay.

Although I think that misshapen pancakes can look charming, I have finally gone ahead and ordered one of these pancake droppers. Why I never bought one before is beyond me as I love things to look perfect, and we are always making some sort of pancakes in this house. I will use it next time and show you how they turn out. The recipe below makes about 12 pancakes.  BTW, the napkin is from Ikea. Let me know if you try them out.

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Sanna Annukka Silk Screen Prints

July 17th, 2011


I ?  these colorful and just simply wonderful screen prints by talented Finnish/English artist, Sanna Annuka. She is heavily inspired by the forests, lakes and wildlife of the Lapland wilderness together with her love of storytelling and folklore. Apart from her own line of products, she designs for clients such as Keane-she designed their Under the Iron Sea album. She’s also working on her first children’s picture book. I can hardly wait.


Skip Hop Backpacks

July 16th, 2011


I just bought my daughter this Skip Hop owl backpack and I knew it was a complete hit when I heard her talking to it like she does to her stuffed animals. They have quite a range of really adorable animals but the owl was the one for her. It is the perfect size-not too huge for little persons. So, then I went for these cute owl plates to go with it. The girls are eating with less fussin’ and a mussin’ when I serve the food in these, so that’s good enough for me. We are going to add these dog plates and see just how large our menagerie gets. I have to admit that I enjoy looking at these upbeat plates too so it’s not just for them!

The Runaway Bunny x 2

July 16th, 2011


We really seem to love this classic Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown in our home. The little board book version (which came with an adorable little stuffed bunny) was a gift
for Solène from my friend Michelle (who blogged about the Tate Modern) and when we were in a bookshop the other day, Oona demanded that I buy her the larger one. She is really taken with this story and wanted one for herself. Now I have to read both of them every night. I too find this little tale endearing and the illustrations are sweet. It’s about a devoted and intrepid Mama who tells her little bunny that if he leaves, she will follow him to the ends of the earth to be with him and transform herself into whatever it takes to boot.

I would do that too for my two little bunnies. In fact, sometimes I’m sad because I’m already thinking of the day when they will leave the nest (or burrow) and then how maybe that would classify me as a Stalker Mama.  Is this just me or do other mamas feel this way? Please do comment. I would be interested.

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