Rosendahl’s Rose Garden, Stockholm

July 15th, 2011

The photo is of a beetroot, feta salad with of course, roses!

And we end our Flower Theme with this post. We hope you have enjoyed it!

Everyone must go to Rosendahl’s Rose Garden. Why? Because it’s beautiful and filled with all kinds of roses. See their website to check out which varieties are in bloom. Sweden is not known for having the best climate for roses so make sure to go there while it’s warm. And relax-they do coffee and delicious things to eat there as well. One of their green houses is a café where they serve eco and biodynamic food. In their store they sell home made bread and lots more, so you can buy a little piece of Rosendal to bring home. Located in the beautiful Djurgården you can bring the whole family! And do take the boat from Slussen instead of the bus. It’s just so much nicer.

Ps. The garden is amazing in winter too. They hang small mirrors from the tree branches, letting the sun kiss it’s own reflection in the mirrors, making the white snow sparkle even more. Simply beautiful.

But before you run off to the garden, you need something to sit on. Check out this flowery picnic blanket from Emmaloppa, a wonderful Swedish brand. Even before having my baby boy, I was buying their clothes as presents for my friends. Now I  am so excited to buy them for keeps. And being the responsible Mama I am, Sixten will of course have his sun hat on. This green one is so cute.


Hakka Kids Flower Outfits

July 15th, 2011


To add to our Flower Theme: Look at these pretty outfits from Hakka Kids, a high end Japanese kids brand.  This garden print (left) gives a very mature look to this season’s must-have, “all-in-one”. This flower-on-flower leggings style combined with the heart shaped necklace and hat is super cool – she looks like she’s just walked off a cat walk. This resort style dress (right) is another great look for the summer. With the scarf and straw bag, she looks like a little french actress en vacances! (especially with her cheeky expression)!

With the brand theme “The design that is not typically kids”, Hakka Kids is more in line with adult fashion trends rather than kids. Here, you can take a peak at their beautiful collection!!


July 13th, 2011


A few months after my first daughter, Oona was born, I went on a quest to find beautiful organic fabrics. Many web surfing sessions later, I came upon Harmony Art, organic fabrics designed by Harmony Susalla. I had arrived. Even her name is poetry. Everything Harmony designs is derived from the nature around her. For instance, what she says of the blue  fabric: “This was inspired by the foliage in my backyard. All of the plants in this print are native to the California redwood coast. None of them were planted, they just grow of their own accord.” Her website is beautiful and she also has a wonderful blog.

But back to my story. I bought many different fabrics from Harmony and made blankets, change table covers, towel backings and even made a cool drape for the Stokke crib (more on that later). And then guess what I made from the leftovers. Yes, that’s right. That cute dress for Oona’s (pictured right) first birthday, complete with ruffle pants. And of course, Solène (pictured left) is getting some use out of it now too. Can you believe that the hair accessory I made is still with us?


July 11th, 2011

This post is from my friend, Michelle in London.

The Tate Modern is one of the most child-friendly places in London. Even getting there is a treat: crossing the Millenium Bridge with St Paul’s behind you, the Thames below you and the Tate just ahead. Children love the main entry into the Turbine Hall – charging down the sloping floor that evens out into that famous cavernous space where some of the Tate’s most popular exhibitions have been held. There is an interactive zone where you’ll see small escapees from exhibitions being minded by their tag-teaming parents. When it’s time for lunch you’ll find the Tate is in tune with today’s foodie parents. Children’s meals include a small sandwich and juice (served in special Tate cups) and allow little ones to add to the meal by selecting a few pots – fresh carrot sticks, grapes, raisins… Of course there will be crayons and colouring sheets for the kids. Breast feeding? You are welcome. Need to change a nappy? Just over there. And you cannot go without spending a serious half hour in the Tate shop, and I am not even referring to the art books.  If you’re too energised to leave, you can hop on a Tate to Tate boat which whisks you off to the Tate Britain near Trafalgar Square (which is admittedly a more sober affair for children).  If you’re heading home via St. Paul’s tube station, don’t forget to stop at Bea’s of Bloomsbury on Watling Street for some of the best cupcakes in London

DIY: Paper Flowers

July 11th, 2011


More in our parade of flowers: What a beautiful wall. These wonderful tissue flowers were created by my friend Alicia for her daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party. She always does something very special for her parties and this wall is no exception. Here’s how you can make them too. See link to a very nice “how to” video.


And above are some flowers we made here at home. We saw some like this at Madison Square Park at a fair and copied them. All you need is different colored tissues and some long pipe cleaner by the yard.  I have undone a flower, so you get an idea of how it’s made. Let us know if you give it a try and how they come out.



July 9th, 2011



More on our Flower Theme…Believe it or not, these paper flowers grow when you plant them. I thought these were so nifty. Little Bloomers mini gifts contain a plantable shape presented in a ribbon-tied pocket. Made from a specially created recycled seed paper as well as flowers, ferns, mica mineral flakes and seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper breaks down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings. They are available from Matteria, a very cool online shop I just discovered based in Barcelona. Run by two talented ladies, Anu and Monica, they have a collection of objects for living made as sustainable as possible.



July 9th, 2011


How great are these Sombrillas from Hollie and Harrie, designed by two sun-conscious Mom pals in Melbourne. (BTW, I used to live in Melbourne a long time ago). What a stylish alternative to an ordinary umbrella or beach tent with these gorgeous, bright patterns. And the ingenious thing is that they adjust as the sun moves, providing full shade all day long, but are so open and airy.

They are not yet widely available in the US, but if you go directly to their website and mention Bellissima Kids, they can arrange something for you. Too late for this week but still lots of summer to go.

I wish I had spotted this weekend beach pick earlier because on Monday I set off for East Hampton and this would have been ideal. It will be the first time I go on a long car trip alone with the girls. Let’s hope I come back in one piece! I will be letting you know what we get up to over there when we return. If anyone has some tips for things to do in East Hampton with kids, don’t hesitate to comment.


July 9th, 2011



For July 4th, we were invited to a picnic on Roosevelt Island by our friends John and Kyoko and we decided to take the Roosevelt Island Tramway. It was boiling and I was carrying the baby on my back and Oona was cheering me on in climbing all the subway stairs (all the elevators were on strike) and maybe we should have taken the subway all the way instead of walking to the tram, but once we were up there, it was all worth it.

This is the view from the cable car below, soaring over the East River with the Queensboro Bridge to the right. The little pink hat is Oona’s-she was transfixed. I was scared in an exciting kind of way. I can’t think of a bigger thrill for the price of a Metro transfer than this trip. Kid-friendly, yes. Kid-delightful…even more so.

You can catch it at 2nd Avenue and 59th street in Manhattan. The trams come about every seven minutes. Once you’re on the island, a red minibus meets the tram and takes you throughout the island for 25 cents. Can’t beat that.



July 8th, 2011

Still more  flowers, and some hearts too.  I am in love with everything that Famille Summerbelle does and their lyrical style. In fact, I have been absolutely dying to get my site up so I could write about them. And love, love Love Bugs, this high quality print based on an original Famille Summerbelle hand paper cut. The spider dangling from the heart is just irresistible. Take a look at their site. Everything on it is delightful and upbeat and perfect for kids’ rooms. And their blog is one of my faves.

Julie, the designer at Famille Summerbelle says about Love Bugs: “Inspired by a school project for our daughter, is a celebration of the flora and fauna here in the forests around our house, with a little love thrown in!” Well, I’d say a bit more than a little, wouldn’t you?


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