Patouche – Everyday Dress Up


This little red cape has really touched an emotional cord with me. I always wanted a Little Red Riding Hood cape when I was a little girl, so when I came across it, I felt I missed a childhood opportunity to live out my fantasies. The closest I got was a red pancho, which I did love, but alas…no cape. Kessa Laxton,the creator of Toronto based Patouche, an ex-designer and scenic artist, set out to make clothes for her kids that were playful and that made them feel like they were walking through the pages of their very own storybook. She realized she was onto something when her son was reduced to tears when his favourite “pirate” pants were in the wash. The rest is history. Patouche is committed to supporting local economy and natural resource sustainability. They use only natural fibers and the garments are available in their online store.


The ultra adorable touch on this cape is that it’s lined with a Japanese print of Little Red’s walk to grandma’s house. Now, I’m really swooning.

What a perfect gift for a little boy, and the wooden sword comes with it!



Petite Souris Bonnet

And love, love, love these little bonnets!