Petite Parade, Kids’ Fashion Week, NY – Pale Cloud S/S 2013


Petite Parade was more exciting than even the last time! And what a pleasure to see the Pale Cloud Spring/Summer 2013 up close and personal! Just a stunning and breezy collection in luxurious silks and flowing fabrics and a definite Greek Goddess feel to it. And wonderful to see Marion, the designer of Pale Cloud with her little girl walking the walk at the end!

More on Petite Parade tomorrow, so check in!


Photos: Jeanne Omlor



5 thoughts on “Petite Parade, Kids’ Fashion Week, NY – Pale Cloud S/S 2013”

  1. Lovely photos and styles that is not shown on Little Scandinavian. And how cute is your photo of Mum&Daughter Marion and Freya, where you clearly see the resemblance. Beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing! x

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