Photographer, Katerina Plotnikova – Stunning Portraits With Real Animals


Photographer, Katerina Plotnikova and her stunning portraits with real animals are not photoshopped or enhanced. They are completely real and raw! Not only are these shots incredibly beautiful but they are touching moments with humans and animals where we feel mutual love.

The rest of Katerina‘s body of work is just as magical and surreal.

Here is part of a Q&A she had with photography blog, 500px, iso where they asked her to reveal the story behind some of her incredible shots:

Are the animals in your photos real?
 Of course they are real! The fox, for example, is a real domesticated animal. His name is Adyssey. He has a bit difficult temper, but he is very loved by his owner. All the animals that are in my photo shoots are treated really well. Sometimes, I even think that their owners treat them better than their own kids!

Can you tell us more about yourself?
 I was born in a small town near Moscow, where I still live to this day. My life revolves around two things — photography and travel. However, my travel experience is not too extensive. Last year, I travelled all over Russia, from Moscow to a remote Sakhalin. This year, I visited a number of South East Asian countries. My big dream is to travel around the world, and see all the corners of our amazing planet.

KATHERINE: The bear is real! His name is Stepan, and he’s a movie star! He has an extensive experience — around 18 years. Throughout all these years, he has never showed any aggression. The only threat is that he can break your heart. He’s so marvelous and well-managed, that after just a minute of being with him you can’t suppress the smile. You would be very moved by Stepan’s behavior and his infinite warmth with his handlers. They delight him with treats — such as cakes and fish. They treat him like a human, and that impresses me very much.

Foxes are my most favorite animals of all. There’s nothing that connects the fox to the model, other than a mutual love of foxes. The fox is owned by one of my friends.

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