Playologie Virtual Fashion Showroom


If you can’t make it in person to all the trade shows, never fear – Playologie Virtual Fashion Showroom to the rescue!

Nearly one year after its launch, Playologie, the B2B marketplace brought to you by the organizers of the Playtime trade fair, is continuing its rapid progression and is kicking into the next gear.  There are already 100 brands featured and almost 1000 verified buyers. Read on to see how this has all improved!

Playologie covers the entire children’s and maternity universe. It also allows buyers, thanks to the double access provided by the ‘Immediate Delivery’ and ‘New Collections’ options, to optimize their buying strategy by allowing them to place their orders at any time of the year.

From the verification of buyers’ profiles to the availability of 7 languages on the site (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian), as well as multiple functions designed to facilitate navigation; everything has been conceived to simplify and develop exchanges between professionals.

This season, Playologie continues its evolution, consolidates its bases, and adds new functions for a site that is evermore fluid, supple and efficient.

From the perspective of the brands:

• Processing current purchases has been facilitated by the creation of a dedicated tab. It’s now also possible to modify an order that has already been confirmed.

• Sales conditions and payment information, stored when the account is first set up, can now be personalized at any time, offering users more freedom.

• The updating of stock and the addition of new pieces can now be done quickly on one page.
• The iPad app is even faster, thanks to a new tool that allows saving buyers’ coordinates as fast as it takes to staple a business card to an order form!

From the perspective of the buyers:

• a research engine has been added to the catalogue of every brand to offer more direct access to the known references or a precise piece or type.

• The selection process is faster now, thanks to the addition of an ‘express’ basket and a previous choice of quantities

The Playologie team will be present this summer at the trade fairs in Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and New York, where they will present the latest developments and interact with an ever-growing number of international buyers.

Take a look at some of the images to see peak inside the showroom and see why this innovative system is fast becoming a necessity for fashion trade.