Handmade Playtents & Teepees on Etsy

A sweet Mushroon Teepee from the Netherlands

This long tent with windows also from Holland, and made to go on top of a dining room table – the windows are so fun.


The girls are so into playtents these days. In fact, whenever we are somewhere where a playtent is, I can’t drag them out of it to move on. So, I am seriously looking for a sweet one for our place – one a bit nicer than the mass produced nylon numbers..and look what I found. These tents are all handmade and just so nice, and all on Etsy!



Again from Holland, sweet Puddle Grey Screenprint teepee


The Tranquility Tent from California looks like it would be great for the parents too.

Stylish teepee from Australia

Adorable Garden Cottage playhouse from Wisconsin



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  1. Hi Bellissima,

    Your blog is fantastic. I love your quirky kids furniture selections and am sure that I will now be a regular visitor.Thank you for including my wall art teepee in this great selection of handmade tents. 

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