Playtime New York, 2011


I had such a great time at Playtime New York this weekend! The trade show which is all about Children’s Fashion-and there was even some maternity wear there. It was in a beautiful venue at 82 Mercer, and Sébastien de Hutten and his team did such a great job in organizing it. I was honored to meet many talented designers from some wonderful labels – some established and some brand new launches. It was so inspiring that I wanted to give you a taste of what I saw, so I filmed and edited this vlog – the very first one on Bellissima Kids. (I shot it on an everyday handycam – not my usual production quality but I think you’ll get an idea). We can look forward to seeing these ranges in the year to come. The soundtrack is My Lucky Day from The Elephant DVD, by Eric Herman, the current kid’s sensation (more about that here). I hope you enjoy it!


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