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Installation by Ritsuko Hiraj


So, here is my next and final installment of Playtime New York previews for Autumn/Winter 2012! See below this post for the first one!



Louann: a fave French newcomer of mine – perfect quality and thoughtful, nuanced design


New Generals-Ethicool: organic clothing with hypnotizing prints


Morley: Fun primped poodle print dress and burnt orange woolen coat


Jess Brown: Jess has now added the sweet elephant doll and masked lady to her collection


The Little Hummingbird: red jumper with tartan accents and hand printed cape


 Oeuf be good: gorgeous graphic knits


Noe & Zoe: Lovely irregular striped knits, toys,  and tulle!


Ketiketa: cotton block prints and knitted vests


Mademoiselle à Soho: Rich jewel organza blouses and various multi-fabric ensembles


Noch: adorable organic outfits wih matching plush friends


Lucky Wang: Colorful Asian print onesies


Sons + Daughters: hip eyewear


Tannhauser:  Splotchy fluoro knits, accessories and great boots from this Austrian label


Boy + Girl: bright floral dress and boys linen shirt


Free Range Chic: quilted cotton jackets and delicately cotton print peasant blouses


Hansel From Basel Kids: fun leggings, some with pom-poms!


Atsuyo & Aikiko: Cherry print, French cursive tee


Holt And Lulu: Fur vest with lacy skirt


Chispum: gorgeous wall stickers (just blogged about them here)



Bakker: mod satchels


That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek of the exciting Autumn/Winter 2012 fashions!



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