Poppenvilla Doll House By Liliane Limpens

I just saw this state-of-the-art doll house on my cyber friend, Rachel Faucett’s Handmade Charlotte blog and couldn’t resist re-blogging it! Liliane Limpens’s Poppenvilla is a sustainably built, mobile, contemporary dollhouse. The detail, quality and design of this house which she originally built for her own children is incredible. Says Liliane: “The implicit message I want to give to children is: ‘Look, here is a house made just for you children. No expense has been spared –  on the contrary. If your children, the dolls, are happy, this contributes to your own happiness.'” And that could apply to parents and their children, wouldn’t you say? These are available on Liliane’s website. If she could only make a larger scale one, I could move in there myself…

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