Porsche P’4911 Stroller



So, the prototype for this stroller came out about a year ago and I’m not sure it’s even on the market yet, or if it will be at all. It was designed by Swedish designer, Dawid Dawoda and was being marketed as a stroller for men but frankly, if I had unlimited depth of pockets, I would have gone for this. And why is that as soon as a product is streamlined and well designed, they say it’s for men?  I love the sleekness and the unique mix of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, ball-bearing wheels…and the fact that it would be such a non-fiddly traveling stroller and would still be in one piece at the end of the flight. And if I had the above unlimited funds, then it would be just perfect to sling into the back of my fictional sports car. Because the big secret is that like my nephew, I love sports cars –  and I mean driving them as well as looking. It was criticized for not having storage but as you can see, they did think of that with the detachable, flat cargo bag in the last photo. But seeing that my stroller-buying days are almost over, I would settle for one of those cool little stroller models that Dawid is playing with below!