Puzzle Wall Art

October 3rd, 2014



What a novel idea. So simple and effective and easy to make. This Puzzle Wall Art is something neat that anyone can do!  Finally a use for puzzles with missing pieces.  If you try this one, please send us a photo. We will feature them on the Bellissima Kids Facebook page!

And have a very Happy Weekend!

Jeanne xox



3 Responses to “Puzzle Wall Art”

  1. miriam t. nolte says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my puzzle art, which is definitely very easy to make. If you like the idea, please visit my blog and you will find more things you like… http://www.BabyEcoChic.com
    Kind regards, miriam

  2. miriam t. nolte says:

    By the way: this is the direct link to the English version as I write my blog in English and Spanish: http://babyecochic.com/be-green-and-eco-friendly/don-t-be-puzzled-a-work-of-art-out-of-puzzle-pieces/

  3. You are so welcome Miriam! Great idea.