Race Cards by Dor Keenan


A friend of mine just made me aware of these very interesting and innovative, ‘race cards’  by Israeli industrial designer Dor Keenan which combine the childhood nostalgia of toy cars and playing cards into a repurposing project –  featured on designboom. Keenan uses the process of vacuuforming (vacuum forming) on playing cards, for the carriage of  a pullback-style racing car. The pullback component (as well as the wheel axles) is mounted inside the form. The diversity of playing card backs, in combination with the 52 front designs for each pack, offers visual variety. designboom received this project from their ‘DIY submissions’  feature, where they invite readers to submit their own work for publication. You can view more project submissions from their readers here.



The pullback-style toy cars automatically speed off when their back is pushed.