Shadow Puppet: The app Steven Spielberg missed out on as a kid

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.45.48 PMshadow-puppet

Now, here is an app for the kids that really caught my attention, as I used to be a filmmaker.

Shadow Puppet is a fairly new app that allows kids to create a montage of photographs, then add their voice narration over it as the slideshow of photos plays through. Your kids’ imagination will run wild.

And Shadow Puppet has introduced Version 2.0 which brings video, animated GIFs and pics from the web into the mix too, instead of just still images. And kids can now add a soundtrack to their masterpiece, even grabbing music from your iTunes library. Plus, there are some fun overlay emoji stickers like stars, hearts, and paint balls that kids will love.


The kids can interact with the photos by panning, zooming, or swiping from page to page while recording. Then, when the storytelling adventure is complete, the video is automatically saved to your camera roll for easy sharing to Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube.

Big plus here – I like that no app is required for your friends and family to view shared slideshows.

Just think of the possibilities for the tech-happy kid: personalized photo greeting cards, next-level show and tell projects, digital scrapbooks, impressive travel journals, or the ability to share their Minecraft worlds. And then, we the parents can get involved. Maybe I really just want this app for me…

Shadow Puppet is a free iOS app available for download on iTunes.