Shadow Puppet Workshop at Theater Museum – Stockholm



With our short days in Stockholm, this is the time of the year to explore Stockholm’s interiors. One great destination for both pre-school, schools and families Stockholm’s Music/Theater Museum. The Theater Division of this museum has Family Workshops that currently includes a Shadow Puppet/Puppetry Workshop and a Doll Theater Workshop. The studio space is surrounded by the current Marionette Exhibit which adds just the right depth to get into the making mood. Kids get to leave the workshop with a hand crafted Shadow Puppet after working with an instructor in the studio who introduces kids to Shadow puppets. There is a working Shadow Theater, as well, for hands on experience both with puppets provided by the museum and for a chance to try out their own new creations. The Musik/Theater Museum is located in the center of the city. There is a small material cost of 20 sek. Here is their website if you are thinking of visiting!





The above marionette are originally a part of the Marionetteatern och Marionettmuseet and among many of the current puppets on display to take one on a journey through time and puppet entertainment in the “SMÅ AKTÖRER, STORA ROLLER” (Small Actors, Big Rolls) Exhibit that will show through January 6.



Make. Look. Explore. Create. We found one morning just wasn’t enough and would love to return for another workshop.