Skip Hop Backpacks


I just bought my daughter this Skip Hop owl backpack and I knew it was a complete hit when I heard her talking to it like she does to her stuffed animals. They have quite a range of really adorable animals but the owl was the one for her. It is the perfect size-not too huge for little persons. So, then I went for these cute owl plates to go with it. The girls are eating with less fussin’ and a mussin’ when I serve the food in these, so that’s good enough for me. We are going to add these dog plates and see just how large our menagerie gets. I have to admit that I enjoy looking at these upbeat plates too so it’s not just for them!

One thought on “Skip Hop Backpacks”

  1. I just love the owl backpack and plates!!! One of my sisters used to be called “Owl” as a nickname when she was a little girl – she now has 2 little girls of her own – I am sure she would just LOVE to get these for her little girls now!  Í’ll definitely have to tell her about these now – thank you so much!

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