Telluride Mini-Guide

This is a guest post from Talia Handler, senior student in Childrenswear at Parsons, The New School in NYC.


Living in New York City, life can get very hectic. Something I have looked forward to for the last three years is my family trip to Telluride, Colorado in the winter. Telluride is a beautiful escape, and a great city for a family who loves the outdoors and breathtaking scenery. Telluride is a small and secluded town tucked in the mountains of Colorado.



The most popular activity Telluride has to offer is skiing and snowboarding on their endless mountains. They offer lessons for every age, and have mountains that are compatible with any skill level.



Telluride has one of the longest ski lifts in America, taking ten minutes to transport you to the top of a few of the slopes. The views on the ride make it worth every minute.



Telluride is a child friendly town, and great for families. Most of the kids go down the slopes faster than the adults! And for the kids who aren’t interested in outdoors activities, you can take them down the main street in town through the local shops, many of which offer eco-friendly clothing for all ages and allergy sensitive food choices, making it easy to dine as a family.



Another choice for those who are not into heights would be to take a knitting lesson at the local yarn store, Needle Rock Fiberarts, where all the yarns are natural and hand dyed. The store even has a children’s section in the back, offering delicate yarn choices and instructions on how to knit a mini sweater or stuffed owl.



Above all, Telluride is a great town for a family vacation, with something for everyone to take part in. If not for the skiing, go for the beautiful views of the Colorado mountains.




2 thoughts on “Telluride Mini-Guide”

  1. My mouth is watering at the outstanding elemental imagery plus that knitty toy shop too – looks like a real out west town. Thanks for showing us Telluride. Alison

  2. That is such a wonderful story you shared Talia ! Although I’ve heard amazing stories from my husband, who was fortunate enough to sky at Telluride, I am hoping to one day soon, go there as well and experience this first hand.
    Thank you for sharing, and it looks like you are enjoying your winter break !
    See you in 2013 !

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