The Bellissima Kids Tutu Workshop


The first Bellissima Tutu workshop at Books of Wonder was a great success! The kids had lots of fun, really stuck with the process and made their beautiful tutus..and then they had a ball dancing around in them because that’s what tutus are for, right?! Some of them escaped before we could take their photo and the little boy holding the tutu in the photos told me to make it very clear that he was making that for his sister and not for himself. So, consider yourselves told! I will keep you updated on the next workshop.

And if your little angel missed this (and will miss them all because you live far away) and you would like to have a Bellissima Kids Tutu Making Kit, I am offering you the opportunity to purchase them right from this site! Just email me at: if you would like to order one. That’s a close-up of what they look like in the photo above. All materials and full instructions for this “no-sew” tutu are included as well as a Bkids tote bag!




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  2. Hi Jeanne, thanks for the Twitter follow and the chance to visit your amazing blog!  How totally inspiring — I love the things you are choosing to show us.  Re the tutu workshop, have you considered making them out of recycled plastic bags? I posted a tutorial (a tutu-orial, perhaps) at on my blog.  They can be made in many colors and can be decorated with ribbons, too.  Warm regards, Shannon

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